The Beginning of the Blog

MagsMy Mom and I were talking the other day. I told her that I really didn’t have anything to say. My Mom replied, “You, not have anything to say, that’s a first. What about all those DIY AND HOME DECOR MAGAZINES AND BOOKS you have had your NOSE in for the past 4 years. You haven’t visited once in the last 4 years without bringing at least 15 HOME with you – every single time you’ve come.” I thought,  ” OMG, SHE’S RIGHT!”  (Of course at  the time, I didn’t tell her THAT!) So I am going to start sharing much of that info. Tomorrow I will start with Shabby Chic, one of my favorite styles, so much so that I have a Shabby Chic room within the shop. Come see…. IT has been the favorite room of many who have stopped in. Come see my Shabby Chic room and I will show you THE BEAST…. My white hutch from the 1890’s that I have restored. The Beast’s story will come at a later date.

Sweet dreams all from Seeking Serendipity.

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  1. I bought a plant rack that Annette and her carpenter Mark converted to a beautiful wine rack with a serving walnut countertop. They were willing to work with me on my design.Very pleased with the results of the outdoor wine rack. Paula M.

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