Shabby Chic

TheBeast.pngThe Shabby Chic movement in the U.S. was started by Rachel Ashwell in 1989. Rachel stated that shabby chic is more of a lifestyle using adjectives such as practical, quiet, simple, and peaceful…..taking what the world already has to offer and revamping, re-purposing and/or re-imagining things. It has been referred to as romantic, timeworn elegance and items with patina (change of an item or surface through age and exposure). Rachel’s shabby chic decor would typically include chippy, distressed items or furniture in soft palettes which are mostly white and/or cream, with faded pastels within walls of bright white. Flowers in all stages, as well as represented in paintings, fabrics, and on decorative objects. Because of her core values of re-purposing and salvaging most things, I find myself drawn to the shabby chic lifestyle and decor – hence one will find many re-purposed items and hand-painted furniture in our shop. I have attached a picture of “the Beast,” my lovingly restored white hutch from the 1890’s which stands center stage in my Shabby Chic room within Seeking Serendipity.

Sweet dreams all, from Seeking Serendipity.

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