The Beast pt. 2

The last blog post I talked about “The Beast,” my lovingly restored 1890’s hutch. As you can see, it was painted white so that any colored items displayed inside would POP. (This is why interior designers always refer to a neutral color for the majority of your walls…so that your other colored DECOR will pop!) I acquired The Beast after searching for an antique hutch for a long time. Unfortunately, when I was finally able to connect with the seller, it was early evening, yet pitch black. As it was light upon leaving to potentially buy this hutch, I did not think to bring a flashlight. Note to self: no matter what time it is when looking at potential buys, ALWAYS BRING A FLASHLIGHT! It is much easier to see the inside of furniture pieces and drawers even in daylight. This also helps to see missing pieces/parts and damaged wood, etc. It also helps to glide your hands over the piece. Because it was dark, and because I wanted this piece so badly, I failed to notice the top was very damaged and some of the outside moldings and details were chipped off and damaged. With the help of our excellent woodworker, Mark Yamsek, we were able to repair the top of the hutch. I also molded new pieces to fix the appliqued parts that needed repairing. Then The Beast needed A LOT of other minor (or so I thought) wood repair, which then meant lots of sanding before I could even begin to paint it. In all, The Beast took over 3 months work to get it to its current condition; hence, the nickname of THE BEAST. Now that it’s done, it has to be my favorite piece I have restored to date. Remember, Seeking Serendipity will customize and/or restore any piece you may have that does not fit into your current decor.

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