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Seeking Serendipity will soon be found in Country Sampler Magazine! 
Some items will be found in the May, Spring and Garden issues and available for purchase.

Country Sampler Magazine as stated on their website “is a must-have, all-in-one resource for any country decorator”, with over 700,000 active readers!

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Seeking Serendipity’s own Tole Artist

Seeking Serendipity is very fortunate to be able to display Tole artist, Barbara Bunsey’s, paintings. Tole painting is the folk art of decorative painting on tin, wooden utensils, objects, and furniture. Barbara is so very talented she can make her paintings look 3-D… That is something not often found! You can find out more about Barbara on her Facebook page.

Come see Barbara’s amazing work at Seeking Serendipity!

The Beast pt. 2

The last blog post I talked about “The Beast,” my lovingly restored 1890’s hutch. As you can see, it was painted white so that any colored items displayed inside would POP. (This is why interior designers always refer to a neutral color for the majority of your walls…so that your other colored DECOR will pop!) I acquired The Beast after searching for an antique hutch for a long time. Unfortunately, when I was finally able to connect with the seller, it was early evening, yet pitch black. As it was light upon leaving to potentially buy this hutch, I did not think to bring a flashlight. Note to self: no matter what time it is when looking at potential buys, ALWAYS BRING A FLASHLIGHT! It is much easier to see the inside of furniture pieces and drawers even in daylight. This also helps to see missing pieces/parts and damaged wood, etc. It also helps to glide your hands over the piece. Because it was dark, and because I wanted this piece so badly, I failed to notice the top was very damaged and some of the outside moldings and details were chipped off and damaged. With the help of our excellent woodworker, Mark Yamsek, we were able to repair the top of the hutch. I also molded new pieces to fix the appliqued parts that needed repairing. Then The Beast needed A LOT of other minor (or so I thought) wood repair, which then meant lots of sanding before I could even begin to paint it. In all, The Beast took over 3 months work to get it to its current condition; hence, the nickname of THE BEAST. Now that it’s done, it has to be my favorite piece I have restored to date. Remember, Seeking Serendipity will customize and/or restore any piece you may have that does not fit into your current decor.

Shabby Chic

TheBeast.pngThe Shabby Chic movement in the U.S. was started by Rachel Ashwell in 1989. Rachel stated that shabby chic is more of a lifestyle using adjectives such as practical, quiet, simple, and peaceful…..taking what the world already has to offer and revamping, re-purposing and/or re-imagining things. It has been referred to as romantic, timeworn elegance and items with patina (change of an item or surface through age and exposure). Rachel’s shabby chic decor would typically include chippy, distressed items or furniture in soft palettes which are mostly white and/or cream, with faded pastels within walls of bright white. Flowers in all stages, as well as represented in paintings, fabrics, and on decorative objects. Because of her core values of re-purposing and salvaging most things, I find myself drawn to the shabby chic lifestyle and decor – hence one will find many re-purposed items and hand-painted furniture in our shop. I have attached a picture of “the Beast,” my lovingly restored white hutch from the 1890’s which stands center stage in my Shabby Chic room within Seeking Serendipity.

Sweet dreams all, from Seeking Serendipity.

The Beginning of the Blog

MagsMy Mom and I were talking the other day. I told her that I really didn’t have anything to say. My Mom replied, “You, not have anything to say, that’s a first. What about all those DIY AND HOME DECOR MAGAZINES AND BOOKS you have had your NOSE in for the past 4 years. You haven’t visited once in the last 4 years without bringing at least 15 HOME with you – every single time you’ve come.” I thought,  ” OMG, SHE’S RIGHT!”  (Of course at  the time, I didn’t tell her THAT!) So I am going to start sharing much of that info. Tomorrow I will start with Shabby Chic, one of my favorite styles, so much so that I have a Shabby Chic room within the shop. Come see…. IT has been the favorite room of many who have stopped in. Come see my Shabby Chic room and I will show you THE BEAST…. My white hutch from the 1890’s that I have restored. The Beast’s story will come at a later date.

Sweet dreams all from Seeking Serendipity.

Whats Next

Annette plans on teaching private painting classes where one can either bring in a piece of their own or select one from the store’s collection. The classes will teach one the different kinds of paints and products needed to complete a project, as well as the different techniques used to paint and finish the project.


We would love to hear your thoughts, comments and interests about these classes!

About Seeking Serendipity

cropped-twochairs.pngSeeking Serendipity is a shop filled with a unique blend of everything from home decor, women’s clothing, women’s accessories, and a wide variety of furniture. The collection is a mix between new, gently used and re-purposed items that come directly from years of handpicking and collecting by the owner herself. Many different styles are included in the collection such as farmhouse, shabby chic, french provincial, french country, antique, and vintage decor. Seeking Serendipity also specializes in customizing any piece of furniture or home decor you may need to finish any room.

Store Hours: Wednesday through Friday 11am-7pm and Saturday 10am-6pm